Love Amplified – World AIDS Day Concert @ Fort Canning Park

It was an absolute blast! The weather was good, the music was great and the company was impeccable, and above all, I learned a great deal about AIDS/HIV 😀

Didn’t go to the concert? Don’t worry, you too can learn more about AIDS/HIV from the official event website,

I would like to extend my thanks to Xavier for sending me the tickets. 🙂

The only thing that bugs me?

Hady Mirza’s HIV “joke”.

(I would share the joke here except it’s simply too ridiculous and senseless to be even considered a joke.)

How can the Health Promotion Board allow one of their spokesperson (in a way, since he was invited to be part of the concert), to make such a tasteless joke and get away with saying an obviously insincere ‘sorry’?

Addendum: I’m a born again Stefanie Sun Yan Zi fan! 孙燕姿! 我们永远支持你!

Addendum 2: Due to popular demand, I’ll be posting Hady Mirza’s “joke” here in a while. Stay tuned!

Addendum 3: For everyone who’s interested, you can now find Hady Mirza’s HIV “joke” here.