The Day My EZ-Link Card Died

So I got on the bus after my daily 10-15 minutes walk to the bus stop and as I proceeded to tap my card, but there wasn’t any annoying “BEEP” sound.

I tried a second time, still nothing.

“Maybe the system is unable to detect the card which was still in my wallet,” I thought. So I took out my card from my Billabong Topman wallet and gave it another shot.


I then started digging his wallet for any coins but then I remembered I had already used them all up on the camp’s vending machine. Damn!

I then fished out my last Yusof Ishak $10 note, looking for anyone who were willing to exchange for smaller denominations.

And without saying, this auntie took out her purse and after some fiddling, handed me a bunch of 10, 20 cent coins, equivalent to $1.

I cautiously and slowly deposited the coins into the foreign, yet so familiar coin device and let the bus driver know that I was 20 cent off the actual fare price.

“It’s okay,” the driver said and gestured me to move back. I thanked him and quickly moved to the back.

Good people gives my heart a warm, fuzzy feeling. 😀

Now, I really need to find out what’s wrong with my card with over $30 still in it!