who needs enemies when you have colleagues

work is fucking stressful now. I am handling 2 person’s work, as I have to cover my colleague who is going to the US of A to teach our ang moh colleague. But our ang moh colleague happily resign, and hence he has to cover his work. WTF LAHHHHHH, he cover the ang moh’s work, i cover his work, who cover my work?

These few days are worse as my boss is on leave and hence I have to report to my big boss (ahem the head of the division). 2 more days, hope nothing cock up then.

anyway the ang moh colleague is leaving to find a job as the risk manager, but judging from the standard of work he has provided us, he is going to be a risky manager instead.

love my division as I can openly swear, eg “what the fuck is he doing? Fucking accountants!” But today I forgot and swore in front of a colleague from another division. Oops. I am smashed my shu-nu image.

MRS Lim: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Colleague: I thought you say you are shu-nu.

MRS Lim: yeah, I am a fucking shu-nu

Colleague: O_O Too much information

On the title above on why I don’t need any more enemies. Below are 2 good examples.

Incident 1

Mrs Lim: hmm, do you think I can wear black to a wedding?

Colleague: Can lah. People will understand

Mrs Lim: why will people understand?

Colleague: Cause black makes people look thinner mah.

Incident 2

Mrs Lim: Hey, have you checked this part?

Colleague: yeah I have but if you want to recheck you can

Mrs Lim: Its ok lah, I TRUST you

Colleague: but i don’t want to THRUST you leh.