more updates

I should start by blogging more frequently but after a day at work, I just come home to vegetate in front of the tv and internet. It doesn’t help that my travelling time is about 3 hours on the Singapore road. Gosh, I spend 1/8 of my day travelling on the Singapore roads, that’s a mighty waste of time.

Work has been ok. I am doing shit but necessary work. This work is temporary but I shoudln’t complain. As my colleague said, you are highly paid for the work you do. True true. I am getting closer to my colleagues and it is great that they are young and fun. Last fortnight, we went clubbing and it was fun. One of my colleagues got laid that night and ahem, sometimes you just don’t want to know so much about your colleagues.

The thing about my industry is the huge gender disparity. I am minority of the minority. Being female and asian doesn’t score brownie points for me. I was at a company’s drinking session and guess what, I was the only female in a group of about 20 ish people. *raise eyebrows*

Working also gives you this insatiable appetite for booze. I think I have been drinking consistently every week and the growing evidence is the lighter wallet offset by the heavier gut and tummy. I so need to lose weight, especially after this guy friend told me I need to lose some weight. Geee, I will do so.

Meanwhile I am thinking of going for another holiday this december. But plans are thwarted due to the highly political situation in Thailand. WHy oh Why do you always riot just before i book my holidays? My father has banned and banished Thailand as the most dangerous place to be. But they are the land of the smiling people, how can they be dangerous? Anyway I have decided to wait it out for a while before booking. Like my sister said, they can’t riot forever since they will get tired. Hopefully they will be tired till next year.

Some funny things my colleague Odd said to me

Mrs Lim: I have killed 2 cockroaches at work today. Crushed them like a cockroach. Super gross

Odd: you know, before you join our company there wasn’t any cockroaches. The cockroaches love you.

Mrs Lim: Oh, I can’t help it that I am so lovable

Odd: you mean rubbish chutes are lovable as well?

I didn’t get the joke as I was tired, but basically rubbish chutes attract alot of cockroaches too and I was compared to that -_-