Singapore’s first medal in 48 years

Silver. Am I the only one who feels that the Singapore team wasn’t even trying in the Olympics Table Tennis finals? 🙁

Mr Lee, who also spoke in English, has decided to postpone the telecast of that speech to Monday night at 8pm.

Explaining the unprecedented move, Mr Lee told his audience at the University Cultural Centre that he arrived at the decision after learning on Friday that Team Singapore had made it to the women’s table-tennis finals which took place on Sunday evening.

“I knew that everybody would want to watch the game and cheer for our team in Beijing. But it left me with a small problem – what to do with the National Day Rally? So, after thinking it over and consulting my colleagues, we decided on this solution – Rally proceeds.

“For the home audience, we will delay the telecast of the English speech till Monday night, 24 hours (later) and then the newspapers will carry it on Tuesday morning. For the Malay and Chinese speeches, we will carry on as normal. But the English speech is embargoed, so please don’t tell your friends and family my jokes,” Mr Lee quipped.

Mee Siam Mai Hum?