office politics

Totally hate office politics. And more so, 1 of my colleague. She shall be called a spinster for obvious reasons ( not married, and someone is left sitting on the shelf for quite a long time already). She claims she has a bf (which I don’t believe anyway)

Spinster thinks she is the best worker. Every other employee has some problems, every other department is wrong (except ours), everyone is wrong except her. And she scrutinizes everybody’s work (except her own) and keeps criticizing their work, while forgetting that while you point 1 finger at others, 4 fingers are pointing at yourself.

She is so terrible to work with, and work under. Pardon for the terrible grammar, since it is already 1 am.

Sigh. Thank goodness, I do not have to work with her.

Tell me how can I force someone in a higher position than me out of the company? Meanwhile I have to get use to her witch laugher and ugly face.

maybe that is why I am getting thinner by the day.