Off to somewhere hawt (very very hawt)

Yep, sorry for the lack of updates. So much has happened to me since my last update.

1. The matchmaking did not come through. I wanted to matchmake him to my friend, but it turned out his tuition is more important and he canceled on us last minute. He need to get his priorities right.

2. I left the last department with crazy hours. I once worked from Friday 9am to Saturday 11am non-stop. And everyday was 12 midnight and beyond. This happened for the 2 months I was there. And moral of the story: it is no use working your ass off for the company. The female mgr backstabbed me the moment I jumped to the other department. Now we are no longer talking. I learnt a good lesson on my first job: it doesn’t matter how hard you work and female spinster managers are the asswipes of the corporate world. There is a reason why they are single, bitter, unmarried.

3. Moving onto the new department was actually good for me. My new ang moh boss is much nicer, and really cares for his staff. The colleagues are nice as well and we help out each other. I am doing some saikang for my boss but I ain’t complaining. This is one way I can make myself valuable to the company. And yes, I leave work at 6pm almost everyday. On time.

4. I got offered a position in the new department. I sorta hinted to my boss about my status at the end of this internship. It pays to be pro-active. i am now learning 2 persons’ job (to cover their duties in case they are on mc/leave) and doing saikang as an intern. The good thing? I know everybody’s work but no one knows my work.

5. I have graduated! Donned the hat and gown. Looking mighty harry-potterish. I wish I am a witch, so I can put a spell on the female spinster mgr.

6. I have just finished packing for Middle East. Will be there for 1 week and back just in time for National Day. After which I will start work as a full-time staff.

7. I am still very very single.