McDonalds/MySpace Jingle Contest Finalist = Former McDonalds Armed Robber,t=1,mt=video

BAiNG “The Locksmith”, a top up and coming Miami rapper who went to prison at the age of 14 and did 12 years for robbing a McDonalds, now works with West Palm Beach State representative Maria Sachs on a project called “REAL TALK” which features him visiting juvenile detention centers to speak to the youth about overcoming negativity. BAiNG LOVES THE BIG MAC!! In the video he rides day and night through the drive through to get his favorite sandwich! He starts the song by saying: “see this is the chant”(the big mac chant), “and im just giving back” (making up for his error at the age of 12), “real talk though…” (because of the real talk project). HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

Talk about irony. 🙄