work life balance

Sorry for the lack of updates, due to the lack of time, sleep and mostly work.

Life has been work work work. After complaining about my work hours a few weeks ago, it has been mostly 11-12pm and some nightcaps at work. Its basically mad!

And my health hasn’t taken well to this, by giving up on me this week, by having the full blast of fever, flu and cough. It has been a long time since i fell sick like that (more than 1 year).

i was given the full cocktail of medicine to down, and my body has been feeling very weak. Sigh.

No more Ot-ing this week as my health has been complaining. The only good news is that I lost alot of visible weight. Friends who have not met me since grad commented that I lost alot of weight. Hmm, not that much but about 4 kgs so far. Not bad for 5 weeks of work

On another side note, i am going to middle east 😀