It has been a week, and some observations have been made about my office. My dept works the hardest, and leaving at 8pm means half the dept is still hard at work. Leaving at 7pm means you are the earliest to leave. I know what time to reach work, to ensure that i am earlier than my boss. I know that I got a great view of a portion of the sea, and some parts of expressway. Food sucks. It’s quite a cold but nice culture, in the sense that everybody just talks about work. I have got alot to learn. I get flooded by 100++ dept emails a day.

That pretty up sums up my week. I have been putting in extra hours, and reading up as much as possible. I leave my house at 7am, and reach home at 9+. I blame it on the long travelling time of a minimal 3 hours on the road. Sigh. There are some offices near my house, and I used to envision that I will work in those offices, so that I can be home within 15 minutes of walking. Hard luck. Turns out that my first job requires me to work late and travel long distances.

The only sunshine at the end of the rainbow would be the 5 kg weight loss for my graduation dinner. This target should be pretty easy to hit, since I seldom eat dinner except for some milk and Uncle Toby’s bar. By the time i reach home at 9+, I am fatigued and dinner is definitely not on my priority. Hence I usually eat some breakfast bar on the bus for dinner (the very irony). So far so good, I think i lost 1-2 kgs within the first week of work -_-

I feel like I have no life now, besides work. And i really missed school. But at least I am still meeting friends, and meeting different people every week.

I need to have some real human contact, rather than those at work.