MSN Hotmail is closing down

Good afternoon all msn / hotmail users,

I am Tara and together with all the directors of MSN, we apologized for the interruption. Please be informed that msn is closing down due to the increasing numbers of inconsideration.

In our current report,it has clearly showed that there is an overflowing percentage of population using one name to sign up for lots of new and different accounts. This draws us to a shortage of new username accounts.

Reports have shown that we are left with only FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT names. So this actually forced us to close down as many wasted accounts as possible for our company sake.

To do so, our company has decided to use this idea.

If you would like to keep this existing account, please kindly follow the instructions given below.

01: Copy this entire email.
02: Go back to inbox, and click on new
03: Right click paste
04: Sent this to all the names / emails address in your contact.

(*To help you to ensure that you have followed to given instructions, once you sent this email to all your names / emails address in your contact, your msn will turn blue)

** Closing date: 30 JUNE 2008

If you would like to close your existing msn / hotmail account, ignore the FOUR (04) steps given above.

Any new account that is being signed up for will be charged at the cost of US$10.00 a month. Please go to for more details.

Thank you for your understanding.

PLEASE STOP SENDING ME THIS SHIT. The BBC article is 7 years old. MSN Hotmail will not be closing down. There are definitely more than FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT names left.

Thank you.