Into the real working world

Tomorrow is D-Day. I will commence working tomorrow. Travelling is a real bitch, and I haven’t got enough time or resources to think of a good solution to slay the bitch. It takes 1.5 hours on the bus, and to give allowance I have to leave the house 2 hours earlier. Which means, I have to wake up at 6am. I feel like a primary school kid.

Speaking of Primary school kid, I packed some milk (for growing breasts), and uncle toby’s to accompany me on this scary day. Hopefully my stomach won’t growl at all. I have to get used to structured eating time. Usually during school, I just eat when i feel like it, which is great.

I have bought new clothes, new bags for my working days. So far I think i have 3 weeks worth of tops, and 2 weeks worth of skirts/pants for my work. I think it is more than sufficient. heh. After which when I get my pay, its gonna be more than 1 months worth of tops and skirts/pants.

Waking up so early, also means early bed time for me. I guess the latest I have to go to bed would be 11pm. And guess what, I had my period today (buy one get one free: free cramps), which means tomorrow I will be down with the friggin cramps as well. Sucks to be a woman.

Ok, wish me luck tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!