I just got my contract which stated my pay. It’s not a normal internship pay though. Phew, as i expected 2 times lesser. But it’s still quite a pay cut compared to a perm position, but its ok. Its only 3 months and then I will be a permanent staff.

I may be going to Dubai in August on a learning trip. Quite excited about it, as it ends just after my internship. Talk about good timing. So this trip can be a relax cum learning trip before I start work again. The price is very affordable too as it is heavily subsidized. Woot! But the temperature will be a downer as it is summer time. Its 45-50 degrees. My goodness, I will turned out cooked!

Heh, i am going to pulua bukom now to see some oil refinery. And I have been giving alot of tuition, which suits me fine as it is my lull period and I am super free. And it means more money as well!