TV Mobile sucks?

To: SBS Transit

1) TV Mobile on SBS buses intrudes on our right to peace and quiet and should be removed;

2) TV Movile programmes have appalling entertainment value;

3) It is unclear to the public how, if any, revenue from TV Mobile has contributed to keeping bus fares low;

4) Instead, bus fares have been rising steadily,

5) with little signs of service improvements in these areas – A) cleanliness of buses; B) politeness of bus drivers; C) shorter waiting times; D) cost-benefit transparency;

6. We call for a basic commuter’s right: the right to a peaceful bus ride.


The Undersigned

Apparently so. Currently standing at 105 signatures. 😮

I for one, miss the early days of TV Mobile. Everytime the bus started moving, the images on screen became fuzzy and sometimes, even the volume gets killed! Oh joyous times…but I’m digressing once again.

You can find the link to the petition below and sign it if you really hate TV Mobile, but come on, who hates TV Mobile (and not as if your one pitiful signature is going to help)?

Thank you Molly (Everyone’s Favourite Irresponsible Blogger).