time for another nickname

Hmm, time to give the less-endowed guy another nickname cause i guess i will be writing about more in the future. Sadly that’s the most interesting thing happening in my life, and i got nothing to update. Unless next wednesday I can write more about the graduation present I am going to choose at Zouk. Next wednesday since it is my last day of paper in my uni career, I have decided I need a present to reward myself. And what is better than a living present which hopefully can give me other presents.

Ok, back to less-endowed guy. Since my friendliness and charming self have lead to undesirable consequences (Damn it, I thought being friends with attached people won’t have such problems), I have decided to back off my friendliness but have to pretend to be my normal charming self. GRRRR, its such a hard act.

A few days after that incident (refer to blog post below), he started asking about my personal life: whether I am dating anybody (my reply was studies), assumed that I don’t want to get attached now (to which I reply that if the right person comes along, I will). Phwar, last time I will answer cause I never thought he has ulterior motives to ask me such questions. Now must be more discerning.

Ok, i am screwed for my exams, and I am going to sprint for the final lap by staying overnight in school today. i am so hardworking 🙂