The 48 Hour Film Project

For the first time ever the 48 Hour Film Project, an American based international film festival comes to Singapore. The film festival engages local talent and filmmakers to write, script, and edit a short film in the 48 hours allotted. The festival offers experts and novices alike the opportunity to create a film and by doing so participate in a festival held in over 55 cities around the world. Winners of the festival here in Singapore are screened at the annual Filmapolooza event in California.

Join this sleepless weekend with you and your friends to test your skills against the other film professionals in Singapore. The festival begins on April 25th and lasts for 48 Hours ending on April 27th. Please visit for more information on the event.

Do you have a knack for filmmaking? Then this is for you! Plus, teams will be compensated $100 dollars for participation. Awesome? Yes, no?