Project mates

Every semester, I will be closer to some people inevitably due to the close bondings we have as project mates. Here’s a summary of the semester (had to do the dash dash to prevent people from googling)

1) S-t-r-a-g
Totally loved this group, with the exception of Mr Perv. We had so much fun time together. I got closer to 2 friends through this project, and also my smelly sister

2) D-e-r-v
Although this is a subset of the group above, the dynamics were not the same. It was so-so only. But I like the prof, so oh well

3) L-a-w
This project was quite simple, so not much time spent with the group. But i got to know this Korean loving girl better, and sometimes Miss Eloquent and I bitch discuss about her.

4) S-h-i-p-p-i-ng
Loved this group. The project was a mess, but I still love the dynamics of this group. We will be doing some lovey-dovey time as a group by chilling at Timbre soon

24 hrs before my first exams tmr