more to come

My after exams timetable is packed to the brim till Monday at least

Its clubbing, dinners with old and new friends, tuition and community service -_-

the last activity sucks, and I have to dedicate 3 full days to that, straight after exams as I wanted to be free like a bird soon.

And then it will be more tuition as the kids are having their exams soon, and 1 RA show at least, some KTV sessions, 1 timbre session to see HAWT RAI, and not forgetting my grandmothers. I have to visit them soon before exams start.

And perhaps to resume my exercise. People have commented that I have lost weight during this semester (4 months?) I am not sure how much, but will be between 3-5 kgs. The stress is really getting to me. I may take a before/after weightloss pic and update on my progress.