less endowed

ok, shite i am attracting the lesser-endowed guys. Not in the “down-there” department, but in the height department.

Ok this friend kept telling me

1) I will make a good gf,
2) I have changed alot (to which i replied: u mean slim down ah? but apparently its character-wise cause he said he doesnt go for looks. BUT THAT DOESN”T MEAN I AM UGLY)
3) I am too tall for him, if not he will date me
4) If only we can talk so freely earlier, then he will ask me out
5) that if i dont know that hes no longer a virgin, then he got chance to date me
6) ask me about my height
7) sms him in my free time

Although I will prefer taller guys, sometimes height really doesnt matter especially if both parties can click. But this friend doesnt know I dont feel any drop of chemistry with him.

ok back to my studies! Sucks to have 4 papers within 3 days 🙁