Kimchi, kimchi and more kimchi!

The obligatory 大长今 photo.

So kimchi was served at every single meal.

So I witnessed the very first Korean astronaut (who happen to be female because the original candidate, a male, apparently flaunted some small rules).

So I endured 1 hour in the cold riding a rail bike because I underestimated the coldness of the weather while my parents simply sat in front of us.

So I went to this water resort

So I learnt how to make kimchi at this kimchi school which turned out terribly disgusting and we were told that all the kimchi that visitors made were to be donated to various orphanages. Poor orphans.

So I had Burger King in Seoul. A very nice Whopper Jr.

So I drove past Bae Yong Joon’s quarters and the gym he frequents.

So I lost 200 won at the slots.

So I had Krispy Kreme in Seoul. Like Donut Factory but they actually give out one free donut to anyone who walks in.

So the movies on the plane are awesome.

Now I got to go get some sleep.