It was my birthday

So my birthday came and passed pretty quietly. I am 23 already, 2 more years and i will be in my mid twenties, and most probably going to be fairly active in SDU events.

i just went out for dinner and movie with my sisters. It has been a long time since we did sisterly things together. The movie was much needed as my last movie was Cloverfield which was easily 1-2 months ago. Be Kind Rewind was a Jack Black movie, and this movie is lame shite (in a good way). The sweded home-made movies was ultra amateurish, and i kept laughing in the movies. My sisters hated it though. But this is easily 1 of the funniest movie, at least in the front part.

And then there were some bdae celebrations with friends as well, simple affairs. And alot of school work in between. GAH my birthday during the uni days were always during the busiest period.

And there was the internship email. My company got back to me, and I was superbly happy by their email. They finally told me my job duties, and they arranged it in such a way that i will be rotated throughout the department. Every 2-3 weeks, I will be learning something new under a different person. Phwar, i am so pleased. This will no doubt be stressful, as I have to be on the ball all the time. But this is a fantastic chance.

And this marks my last week in school as a full-time student. Sigh. 18 years of education (starts from age 5 in pap kindergarden) has just ended, and i will be onto my 40 years of work. Hopefully its 5-7 years of work, as I still harbour a dream of being a tai-tai.