Homo is wrong in Spore

Phwar, Singapore is in the IHT (world news leh) for something it has done again.

Singapore’s cable television operator has been fined for airing a commercial that showed lesbians kissing, the city-state’s media regulator said Wednesday.

Link: http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/04/09/asia/AS-GEN-Singapore-Kissing-Fine.php

If our MDA ever gets hold of my facebook, i am going to get so fined since got pics of me kissing girls (though not the french type cause we are asian so cannot french-kiss)

But Spore is quite staunch on the gay/lesbian thing. Apparently 1 movie (i forgot which one) was rated R in Singapore and the explicit homo scenes cut off, while the same movie in Malaysia had the explicit heterosexual scenes cut off. So moral of the story, watch the movie in JB and Singapore.