Happy April’s Fools Day

Click here for the origin of april’s fools day

I played an April’s Fools prank, haha sort of or as I justified it to be.

This project mate was whining about turning up for project today, giving excuses such as nocturnal/not a morning person.

So I just told him that he has to turn up or we will go to his house for project meeting. Time given was 930pm, well knowing that he will be late!

After he left the class, I told the rest of the project group 1000, knowing that 1 will turn up on time, and 2 will turn up at 1015 (me and mr shit).

Turns out that he turned up at 10am, and I was nowhere to be found. Oops. As I went into the project room, I just smiled and said Happy April’s Fools day.