In my recent blog posts, I mentioned about the increase in my peach flower luck. One of them was actually Mr Shit.

Somehow we have gotten close together these past few months through the projects and classes we had together. During the study break we even studied together quite abit. Maybe feelings slowly develop through this interaction.

Once I posted some pics of us being quite close during a project meeting, and the every next morning my sister questioned me about Mr Shit. Can you imagine opening your eyes to the first rays of sunlight and thinking ” is it time to wake up or can I snooze for another 5 minutes?”, when your sis ask you “You and Mr Shit quite compatible hor?”

My gosh, the 5 minutes snoozing did not happen, and I have to answer the interrogation that followed.
That day was my birthday btw and she didn’t wish me happy birthday first thing in the morning -_-.

Nevertheless I shared with my sister and said that Mr Shit is very uncle and ah pek, which I have duly conveyed to him. Yes Mrs Lim is very frank and not very tactful. I even said words to the extent of ” You don’t know you have assaulted my eyes with your clothes for the past 3 months meh?”

tsk tsk. My bad. I know I am wrong and have repented since then.

But during the critique session which I have imposed onto Mr Shit, I said ” I remember you got this pink shirt right? ”

And then in the past 2 weeks, he actually wore the pink shirt to school twice, after being hidden in the dark corners of the wardrobe for ultra long. The pink shirt thanks Mrs Lim for seeing the light of day, finally!

He started dressing better also since then, more polo tshirts (since I told him to learn how to dress from another project mate), and gelling of his hair.

And there was the time whereby he was very pissed with the well-dressed project mate for that said project mate was channeling more efforts into this looks/tv/sleep/personal activities than into our project. For once, I wasn’t mad with the project mate at all. Logic is simple. That project is quite simple and we can have a slight free-rider in the group. And well-dressed project mate is actually a funny/shitty dude and he adds joy and laughter to the project meeting. Mr Shit was influenced by my explaination and started to like well-dressed project mate more. (I know he was influenced because he went to tell our mutual friend about this project mate and how he listened to me and changed his perception later).

And there was the one whereby I refused to cramp into the small space beside him and his friends to study. I went and sit at a huge table alone instead cause I freaking need space when I study. He walked over to me and asked me why I didn’t want to sit next to him, and said he can get the friends to shift. Thanks, but no thanks. Then his friends left, and there was space, so I shifted back. But instead of sitting next to him, I sat beside mutual friend (with her between the both of us). He shifted to sit beside me instead. -_-

But don’t think i will be updating more on Mr Shit as school as ended, and its hard to keep in touch. I will be starting work soon, and there will be a new set of worries. Also, he’s the super non-proactive guy. He was lamenting that he has no gf during his 4 years in uni (actually he never had gf before), and I asked him the simple question “how many girls did you chase before?” And the answer is a big fat zero. Somehow Mr Shit expects gfs to drop from heaven.

I told my kaypo father about him and the other short guy. My father is damn funny. He kept pestering my sister to tell him more. My father has the best eavesdropping skills in the world, there’s no need for bugs at all. Anyway my dad isn’t in favour of guys from his nationality (the title is the chinese pronunciation) cause they are stingy. Doesn’t help that the Susilo and LeeJiaWei incident splash on national news to re-iterate that fact.