All the things I never studied got tested

Ok, super sucks to be me based on the title above. I studied hard for this mod and i think the results will be crap. Holy fuck. For the other mod I put in moderate effort, let’s just hope the results aint too bad.

I got 2 more papers and I am getting abit tired on the way to the finishline. Nevermind, I just jiayou and do my best. The results are secondary as I told my secondary tuition kid (wow it puns). As long as I do my best, there are no regrets even if the grades suck.

I got alot of things to update, seems like my peach flower (tao hua) luck is improving. But there’s this blog curse, everytime I blogged about something it will stop happening. Mr Small has stopped contacting me, but my sister says Mr Small will be persistent, cause short guys are more persistent in her words.