It was fun fun fun!!!! I am gonna club for 2-3 more times before I start work, and start getting abit more responsible for my own life.

We left at 3am and it was due to a smelly friend being tired. Miss Eloquent, let’s go one day with Rachel and gang ok? Smelly friend was abit of a prude, and she kept questioning why I allow the guy to park behind me.

haiyah, women got needs also ok. and the furthest thing we are gonna do is to dance. So what’s wrong with it?????

Damn it, I feel like clubbing on my actual birthday since it falls on a wed. Who is game for Mambo just prior to exams?

This post is getting very random, as I got alot of things going on in my head. But today, I once again think that I got a really great year coming up.

I am currently taking six modules, and my school just emailed me to tell me that I can drop one, although I have taken it for half a semester already. But luckily, all the sucky quizzes are at the end so i was hoping that the school will allow me to drop it, despite getting a Big W grade for that subject. I thought the six modules thing was a lost cause, I never knew that the school will actually do something about it cause it has technically been 4 months since they got back to me.

And alot of people have actually commented on how lucky I was to get a trading internship, as many of them were still looking for jobs. Furthermore, this will be a stepping stone to being a trader and being in that elusive trading industry. The sub-prime hit pretty bad and many companies are more stringent with their head-counts. The banks are hiring so little this time round, and many schoolmates are still hoping for that elusive job.

which brings me to my next provoking thought: Will you get a job you don’t really want, or just get a job since the economy is turning bad.

Cause I have one friend (prefer to prude above), who is quite selective about her jobs and she refuses to apply for ops job. But problem is that ops is probably offering the most positions, and the analyst or corporate finance positions she wanted is mostly not hiring, or not looking for fresh grads or have already closed the applications. So what will you do? I will be facing this problem in August should my firm not offer me a permanent position *crosses finger*