the red sea

I have been expecting the above (read: menses) for the past 2 weeks. It was terrible to have PMS for 2 weeks. My appetite was ultra good (plus constant cravings for chocs). My period had to come for the sake of weight management. I was also feeling particularly angsty and mean most of the time. .But the mean-ness was relegated to the people I don’t really know. And the bitchiness got worse! I was bitching about people who presented in class, though my friends find my bitchiness hilarious.

” OMG, she caused me a ear-ache. My ears are really painful now. She should stop talking and just stand as a vase, the moment she talk, we know her IQ is below room temperature… OMG, how can she speak singlish in class? Her english sucks!” and major eyerolling while I was msning this during the presentation

On another person presenting
” Did she just pronounce the word execution wrongly?*eyes widened in shock* Her hair is just as oily even during a presentation. I feel like wiping the oil off her face as well.”

You get the idea.

hence I decided to pump pineapples and liang teh to get the menses out asap, as I was grouchy constantly. Girls will know eating these will aid in menses with side effects.

And guess what, the menses came today, accompanied by its best friend. *drum rollllllllllllll* Fucking cramps.

The cramps was so bad, I had to take a nap and basically not do any work at all. Sigh. Karma I know.