sex and prostitutes

Many intriguing questions on my brain. I need to blog it out before I read my stuff (at least i am reading minimal blogs and blogging is mildly productive remember?)

Is virginity over-rated?

Why do guys go for prostitutes?

My friend was asking me whether I will sleep with my Bf, and i answered in the affirmative after a certain time length (maybe 1 year), provided of course that I see him as a worthy partner, most probably to share my lifetime with.

Fair enough, the reason why I am still a virgin is because I do not have a bf before.(insert fat and ugly comments here) If not i am sure i will have rabid sex exercise daily.

The problem is then, if I do not enjoy the sex, will I still continue to have it? Cause apparently wired in the guys’ mind is, after the first time of sex comes regular sex sessions. But maybe this question will be invalid, if I happen to enjoy sex. Some girls enjoy sex too anyway.

Perhaps after losing my virginity, I will not be so guarded to having sex with the next partner. After all you can only lose your virginity once.

Next burning question about prostitutes. Some guy friend (mentioned before in my blog and shall not name to protect the not-so-innocent), went Europe on a business trip and hired a prostitute. He has a gf. I asked him about getting STDs cause it is one thing to enjoy sex and one thing to enjoy stds for a lifetime. He said he only goes for “premium” goods which means virgins.

Next valid question from me. How do you know she is a virgin?

“Oh, there is some blood and she looks like she is in pain.”

I scared him about hymen re-construction and how one can be made “virginal” again, with some simple operation.

So since he has a gf, I naturally asked him whether he is cheating. But of course I phrased it in a way which made him less defensive.

Mrs Lim: So technically you are not cheating (BTW I THINK YOU ARE CHEATING, YOU FUCKER!), because you don’t love the pros emotionally and this is just to satisfy your needs, right?”

Fucker: Yah

Mrs Lim: (to ask frm the gf’s perspective in case his gf want to have a gigolo) So technically if I sleep with a duck to satisfy my own needs, my bf cannot be angry and say I am cheating right?

Fucker: Yah

Mrs Lim: (in my heart: YAH RIGHT!)

I bet he will jump upside down if his gf cheats on him with a gigolo or ONS.