Reading report is no fun

It’s 4am and i am still halfway through my group report. Project meeting is in 7 hours time, and I have to finish editing before i send it out. ROAR!

My group has a knack for writing. A 20 pages case study report (which we must give birth in a week) plus presentation, turned out to be 20 pages single space, while our classmates produced 1.5 spacing.

needless to say, which one did the Prof like?

Since i have been reading about brand equity for the past 2 hours, my brand equity has improved this semester. Out of 5 modules, 3 of my professors remembered my name, with 1 prof’s status ambiguous. Maybe at the end of consultation, he will remember my name. Out of the 3 professors that remembered my name, 1 of them really liked me (class’s pet), and the other one remembered me cause my name resembles a famous chinese celebrity.

Ok, back to this current report. We are supposed to produce 30 pages 1.5 spacing, but i think we have gone way over. We may need to have 30 pages single spacing. And to further sweeten the deal of this report, we will attach a picture of our group with the professor. Now that’s what I call strategy.