Queen Procrastinator

I think i was ready to work on my project at around 9pm. And then i said, let me unwind first, and watch American Idol and played some games.

And then it was 12 midnight. And i was supposed to do some work.

And after some random blog-surfing, my work remains where it remains. And I get enriched with life stories of people I don’t know and won’t ever meet.

And you mean I have procrastinated for 5 fucking hours. God-damn, I am indeed the queen procrastinator. Who the hell can procrastinate on a piece of work for 5 hours?

And now I am blogging here despite my work staring point-blank at me. Like a good friend once wrote, it felt mildly productive to be blogging here when I am supposed to be doing my work.

Sigh, time to start. I shall be productive.