My Fake EZ-Link card

Okay, so I’m really a huge fan of Jeffery Deaver’s books but too much of a cheap skate to actually buy any of his books. Next best thing? Borrow from the library.

It’s been some time since his novel, The Sleeping Doll came out and after checking it for like the trillion time, I decided the only way I was gonna get was to make a reservation.

$1.55 and the library will hold on a copy for you and deliver the book to the library of your choice.

So I got the notice yesterday and made my way over to the library today with it. Surprisingly, there was a short queue at the information counter, but anyhow I joined the queue.

When it was my turn, I passed the notice and my EZ-Link card to the librarian.

She held my card with both hands and stared at it for what felt like an eternity like there was an entire Da Vinci Code on the card itself. Then she opened her mouth, “Is this card fake?”

“Yes it’s fake. NO, OF COURSE NOT YOU DUMBFUCK. Who in the right mind will reserve a book at the library and show his or her fake EZ-Link card to collect it?!”

I guess she just never ever saw a tertiary EZ-Link card in her entire life. Blah.