its coming

I am so excited, although my birthday is a week away. The sistas will spend some quality time together by having dinner and catching a movie. The last movie I caught was almost 2-3 months ago.

Finding a good dinner place in the east is proving to be a headache. I want a place accessible by mrt. Which means eastcoast is out. Leaving tampines, simei, pasir ris and maybe bedok available. And then with the 7 percent GST, I start getting stingy and decide that value for money is better, and I don’t want to spend 20+ on my dinner

That leaves very little choices. Most probably I will be tucking into hawker food, or eating ajisen, or mos burger (my fav fastfood) Don’t look down on hawker food, I have not eaten my favourite hokkien mee for almost 4 months! Have not eaten fast food for 2 months. The perils of dieting, you can only eat in moderation. Guess our health minister will be proud of me. I don’t think I have eaten char keow teow in years.