airkissing (from shanghai to singapore)

Guess what? Remember I was whining about eating good food all week during one period in Shanghai due to friends (friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend) who flown in for the F1. Click here to remember my good life then. (heng, didn’t put on weight then). I was complaining about the airkissing, and thought that I will never ever meet up with them again, but guess what? I have to take back my words.

The doc is in Singapore, and hence the whole gang of us will meet up again. Apparently one of them has very atas taste, and I bet I will be going to some atas place to eat or chill out again. The weird thing was that I was telling Mr Shit about this group of people and showed him the picture on facebook, and he recognised one of them to be a music teacher in JC. WOW!

How’s that for a coincidence? Apparently he is quite good in the piano scene. No wonder that atas guy knows so many singapore celebs and goes for the chi-chi charity parties.

It has been 4 months since we have last met! 4 months and more than 10 kgs weight loss, I hope they remember how i look still.

And tomorrow, I will be heading to Zouk with my RA gang. Pity, we have stopped the RA movies we used to watch. I think since RA and porn movies are mostly the same (at least for us, since we are not interested in the story line. Bring on the sex, baby), watching it on the internet (minus the popcorn) seemed a much better alternative.

After a horrible week of tests and presentation, which I screwed 1 test and 1 presentation respectively yesterday and going on to screw another test again in 6 hours time, I NEED TO PARTY!

If only my hit rate of screwing tests is as good as screwing guys. I won’t be complaining then.

PS: I think I found another good male friend, whom I can totally be myself with, eg. laugh loudly, talk loudly.