School heads go to St James

School heads go to St James

There’s a really disturbing article in Life! today, here’s a passage from the article itself;

Don’t be shocked if you see your school principal at a gaming centre or even taking a few shots in a pool centre.

It’s their way of staying in touch with the young and picking up new ways to do their job even better.

Madam Quek Seok Noi, principal of CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity, is one if them. She sees her visits to nightspot complex St James Power Station and gaming centre E2max as learning experiences.

“Want go clubbing just say la! No need paiseh,” that was my friend’s first reaction.

Old uncles and aunties trying to ‘stay in touch’ with the young is indeed disturbing but what really intrigued me is, since Madam Quek Seok Noi refers her visit as a learning experience, is such visits to entertainment spots subsidized by the M.O.E.?