networking virgin

just came back from a networking event. Initially I was having butterflies in my stomach, but as the end went on, with beer to relax me, networking as scary as it was.

as this is an industry networking event, i get to meet alot of people in my future line. Pity that the guy from my company didn’t come at all, if not I will get to talk to him more about my job.

So I talked to another trader, and found out that drinking and golf are required. Ha, I was thinking about reading up on soccer since this is a male-dominated industry, and usually soccer is the ice-breaker.

Time to start training my “jiu liang”. Golf is too far off and will have to wait a little longer.

I was talking to this trader, and turns out my internship company and his are doing roughing the same things. When I mentioned my company’s name and the internship, he was like “send me your resume” and was quite insistent too. Before that, he was not really interested in me at all and wasn’t even thinking of asking for our resumes when we said we were looking for jobs. What can I say? My internship is going to open alot of doors for me.

That sums up my networking experience. Think I look really old. Old acquaintances forget who I am already, though we use to say Hi and bye. Hopefully it is the weight loss which renders me different. Alot of people have commented that they don’t recognise me anymore, must be the past few sems I was too nerdish (specs and ugly clothes and not-so-thin). Luckily it is change for the better.