job hunting shall be ceased for the moment

Finally, I can stop hunting for jobs. But I will be taking a huge risk. Let me explain, I have not updated fully on an interview 2 weeks ago.

Basically this is an interview, panel of companies vs panel of students. The golden ticket at hand is a scholarship, with a full-time job attached to it. I went for it, screwed it up and then returned miserable. Apparently the results are out last week, and the names of the scholars were determined. I didn’t find out cause it was via the grapevines, and so it sucked like hell when I found out who the scholars were this Monday.

Mr Shit was the one who informed me of who the scholars were. He happily went on and happed about it, insensitive to the fact that I was upset that I was not chosen. I have to pretend that I was alright and interested in those who got the scholarship. This wed, he discussed this topic again, and is super duper interested in those who got it. Best part is, he did not apply for the scholarship. I think the whole idea is, he’s extremely KPO.

Anyway, today I received an email that I was offered an internship by one of the companies. And this poses a huge dilemma. I am graduating in April. This is a 3 months internship. Who the hell interns after they grad?

Mrs Lim.

I have decided to take the brave plunge to do a 3 months internship with them. If my performance is good, the chance of a permanent job after that internship seems pretty high. If all fails, I can go back knocking on the doors of Big 4. Demand for accountants are thankfully very high.

The reason for doing this internship is rather simple. This is a huge MNC, one of the big names in their fields, and I am in an industry whereby there is huge growth in the next few years. Sounds good? I was hopping with excitement when I saw the name of the company offering me an internship.

And so the job hunting ends.