Happy CNY

Since the CNY is looming ahead, looking good for the relatives’ eyes have never been more important. It sucks to have comments about weight, complexion, beauty, bf coming from the relatives. Hence, after facing many years of criticism about weight gain, I can finally lift my head high and say ta-dah with my weight loss *cues triumphant music*, and then laugh secretly at the relatives that put on weight. Ok, time to stop it cause there will be bad karma.

The gym efforts are paying off. Although I said that there was no weight loss in kgs, I was wrong. Wow. I lost 1.5 kgs from last week. Whee! It took me about 1 month to register a loss despite the consistent exercise, so perseverance is the key.

My endurance has skyrocketed within 1 month. From not being able to run at all, I am able to run 4-4.5 km and then continue walking 1-3 additional km. Today was the most thus far, 7.5km in 70 minutes. I will attempt 5km tomorrow. Is running fast or normal pace better? I can run more if I run at a slower pace.

Tomorrow, I will hit the gym again before class. Sigh, class on a CNY eve so might as well make the most out of it, by going to the gym. I must prepare for the onslaught of calories I am going to ingest within these few days.

Happy CNY everybody!!!!

I can’t wait for the bak kwas and pineapple tarts.

The year of the rat is good for me. Anyone born in the year of the pig, they say male pigs are good as partners this year.