funny snippets

I went to one of the tai-tai’s house yesterday for dinner with the rest of our JC friends. She was lamenting about the life of an auditor (ultra late nights and hard work), while the rest of us nod in sympathy. Another friend commented about her boss calling her the whole day on her off-day, hence resulting in her working at home on her off day. And all concluded that Singaporeans are hard workers.

And they analyzed the shopping habits of such hardworking people. Cost is no longer an issue, they will just buy what they want, since time is the issue. No time to spend their money hur. If only they are generous to give some money to spend, which I will gladly help them with.

Some funny bits of the conversation to document

Overheard that some domestic worker cooked porridge for the mdm during CNY as she was sick. The children excitedly ran and tell their mother that there was abalone in the porridge. The mdm was of course confused and ask the maid what she put in the porridge. “Mum, I cook mushrooms.”

Turns out it was abalone, and the most expensive can type. Abalone and mushroom cans do look rather similar to people who can’t differentiate them.

there were 2 cousins at the taitai’s house. Since they are young (aged 7 and 10), we started talking and playing with them. Questions posted to them were ” How old do you think this jiejie is?” “Who eat the most?” “Which animal does this jiejie look like?”

The children’s answer to mine was 30, me, pig :(:(:(:(

But the 30 part was abit of my fault. Cause when the kid was guessing my friend’s age, I kept putting age 30 to indicate her age, but the kid thought it was my age. And she happily replied with gusto that I am 30. *cries in a pool of pineapple tarts*

Got a major presentation this week. Sigh. I feel like killing my prof who not surprisingly has BO. Guess God is fair to fuckers.