CNY just an excuse to eat

OMG, I think I have consumed enough food this 2.5 days (include reunion dinner) to last me for a whole week. Over-eating however seemed to the norm this CNY. I think the only exercise I got was from waddling in ultra high shoes, exercising my mouth and the rest of the digestive system and perhaps exercising my fingers from photo-whoring.

I got the “shanghai got no food to eat isit” comments as usual, coupled with comments on my weight loss , and then exclaimation when they saw my rice portion ( reduced to might as well don’t eat rice portions). My aunt whom I used to go to her house weekly to tutor my cousin, couldn’t recognise me and was wondering “who is this lady in the living room.”

My soon-to-be cousin-in-law got smacked by my cousin when he said something truthful but not so nice. But coming,from a guy’s point of view, what do you say when you have 2 hyper-active women who kept posing and kept asking “Can you see my fat arms?”, “Like that pose, can hide anot?”, and lastly using a skinny cousin to stand in between us so that we can use her to hide our fats. Muhahaha.

Cousin-in-law’s response to the whole saga, when asked if the arms look fat in the pic “But you all look like that what?”

Innocently said of course.

But seriously, why are arms the hardest part of the body to tone and lose weight?