Black and Red Jeans

For the past few months, I have been seeing a rise in the number of people wearing black and red jeans. No, not black jeans and red jeans, those are very common and I have totally nothing against them. I’m actually referring to this monstrous fashion mistake;

Black and Red Jeans
I have no idea which sane clothing shop will sell such horrendous jeans and since I couldn’t find an actual photo I just did this replica on photoshop.

Usually spotted on certain ‘unique’ individuals with little to none fashion sense, they wear such jeans around like they’re some kind of superstar but in fact they remind me more of a jester. All they lack is the scepter and a matching hat. 😀


Am I getting old or are these jeans really an abomination? And I thought this was bad. 😮

Addendum: If you’re one of these ‘unique’ individuals who own such a pair of jeans, please do not hesitate to take a photo of yourself in it and email me, my readers and I will be eternally grateful for your kind act. Thank you and have a great day!