Ah Meng is Dead

Ah Meng

This must be big news! I mean, if it’s on The Straits Times frontpage, it must be important!

Even our esteemed President S R Nathan had something to say about him;

“Ah Meng has been so much of a symbol of the Zoo. A lot of people – locals and foreigners – have enjoyed her company. I’m sure the patrons of the Zoo will miss her a great deal. But that’s life.”

Very profound and meaningful words indeed, wouldn’t you agree?

All you monkey lovers (wink wink 😉 ) can visit Ah Meng for the last time at the Zoo tomorrow 11am. She will be buried on the same day.

Addendum: I was searching for a photo of our esteemed President S R Nathan and just typed ‘nathan’ into Google Images search. I was expecting dashing images of our Singapore President, however, this came up instead;

Google Ah Meng

Creepy. Go try it yourself!