New School term

School is making me perpetually tired all the time. Sucks monkeyballs. After every lesson, I just want to go home and sleep.

I am having the final-year final sem blues, which means you are struggling to finish all the modules and alot of your friends have graduated and hence you are going for class alone, and the too-sian-to-look-for-job problems all mish-mashed together.


But seeing friends after a 6 months hiatus is good. We hugged and chatted like good old friends. Helps that 90% of my friends always say ” You lost weight right”, and the nicer ones saying “You lost alot of weight. OMG!”.

And the funniest friend Mr Snowman?

He gave me the funniest comment.

Mrs Lim: Hi, Snowman!!!! hi Hi hi!!! *waves excitedly*
Mr Snowman: Hi… mrs lim! *talks random stuff about meeting up soon*. Hey, you lost alot of weight ah?
Mrs Lim: yeah i did *beaming like a darlie model*
Mr Snowman: (excitedly) turn around, let me see. turn around.
Mrs Lim : *turns around while giving an embarrassed look*
Mr Snowman: wah, really lost alot leh. You just need to lose abit more then you will be *whistles*

HAHAHA. don’t you find this exchange hilarious? Mr Snowman is really weird but in a good, kind way.

Anyway this exchange was seen by Mr Shit who was with me, which is why I was embarrassed cause we are not really close to each other.

Introduction of Mr Shit: we used to take 2 courses together but then, we don’t know or remember each other. We know each other more when I tookover his position in the Shanghai office. And we added each other on msn, but talked minimally. But it is sufficient during this minimal exchange for him to chide me. For what? Because I kept saying shit during msn conversations. Hence his nick.

Mr Shit: Can you stop saying shit 🙁 You keep saying them

Walau. Please hor, I not only say shit, I say fuck, cheebye, nabeh, knn and etc. And who the hell complains over the word shit?


Worse thing is that we are project mates for 2 courses. Good luck to him.

Cause he will hear

Mrs Lim: Shit man. Oh fuck, I forgot I can’t say shit. Oh cheebye, I just said shit and fuck. Nabeh Kanina, I just said the whole string of them.