gym rat

So far so good, i have at least exercised once a week. But the results are not showing and I can still poke my existing fats.

How to lose 4 kgs in time for CNY? I think it’s quite impossible. 🙁 It didn’t help that I went on a eating spree recently, starting on Thurs during the gathering with the graduates (miss pooh and peeps) and the undergraduates (miss eloquent and a few others). We went lerk thai and I started gorging on thai tom yam noodles, with spring rolls, soft shell crab (don’t ever order that) and papaya salad. Then out came the chocs and gummybears which we ate more, although our tummy was screaming STOP. And then we went for more dessert at Changing Appetites. I love their brownie mudpie and I think attack the food was the phrase of the day. THe brownies had absolutely no chance against us.

And then on friday, it was KFC day. 2 huge fried chicken thighs, 1 coleslaw, 1 packet of fries downed with coke. Needless to say, the tummy grows. Friday, the jobless few of us went to the job fair. It was quite a waste of time though I gave some resumes out. I was quite cheezed off when i saw educational booths that is trying to drum up some business, beauty and slimming centres there with the tagline that Looking good can get you a job. Right. People are looking for jobs, and you still want to earn our money.

Sat was interview day which didn’t went well. let’s just say that chances of me being an auditor is insanely high.

Sunday, I went to tutor my THai kid after a hiatus of 1.5 years. Ha, and they said I slimmed down already 😛 after which was dinner at ikea tampines to celebrate one of the birthdays. It was the first time I stepped into Ikea despite staying exceptionally near. And then the gorging activities of starving meat balls, nuggets, salmon and chicken wings started again. Last time I check, the tummy grew bigger again. The daim cake was exceptionally good.

Its the start of the week again and i am getting school blues once again. Sigh