Gummy Bear

Remember the guy I was talking about whom I suspect is gay.

I finally got his msn, turns out he went to create an msn account so that he can chat with us Singaporeans. Anyway he’s going to be called my Gummy Bear for short. And i found out disturbingly that Bear is actually a gay slang.

Oh fuckity fuckity fuck. He better not be gay, although my gaydar is almost exploding already.

So when Gummy Bear is online, we will chat once in a while, and it appears that he is applying to NUS to study. Hopefully he gets it, though I think chances are really slim. Then I won’t have to fly to Shanghai to meet him anymore. Haha.

But he’s ultra sweet and we both have this red hearts (or love) background that we share via msn, which he shared with me. Haha. So everytime we talk to each other (which is quite little already 🙁 ), we will see all the hearts and love, and hopefully it works.

But yesterday Gummy Bear was not online whilst Mo Peng (local slang for pock-marked, aka Mark Lee) his friend whom we got to know quite well was online. So Royal Intern was chatting with him first for quite a while, before I chat.

Mrs Lim: 您好
Mrs Lim: 还好吗
Mo Peng: 喜喜,我跟KX在说你
Mo Peng: 上海下雪了,
Mo Peng: gummy雄在修他的电脑,

Anyway the gist of that conversation was , why did he bring Gummy Bear into the picture when I didn’t even talk about him. It seems as though I want to talk to Mo Peng because of Gummy Bear, which is true in a way. But why blow my cover so early. It’s either gummy bear told him that he thinks I like him, or he likes me. or What???? The guessing is going to kill me. Royal Intern on the other hand is worried that Mo Peng thinks that she likes him, which is absolutely not the case.

She was exclaiming to me over msn ” i hope we didnt come across as 2 desperate housewives”

hahaha. Anyway i am going to exercise today by checking myself into the gym with RI. Given how much I hate to exercise, i am quite pleased with myself these 2 weeks. Of course it helps that i want to shed off some kilos which is why I am making the effort. When I hit my aim before CNY, I will blog a thorough “How to lose weight” blog entry, and maybe wait for slimming centres to endorse me NOT.