exercise addict

Ok, I am turning into an exercise junkie. I get this high after exercising each time.

Monday: 5km
Tues: 5km
Thurs: 7km

I look at what I have done this month in terms of exercise, and i think the amount of exercise I did in Jan 2008 wins over the whole year of 2007.

All this exercise is supposed to lead to some weight loss right? But that’s the frustrating part about exercise, there’s no weight loss. But I see my body and I see subtle changes. My inner thighs grew more muscular. My arms grew alot more muscular but that’s because of carrying my 4 kg laptop everywhere, esp my left arm, but that’s not the point.

And with no weight loss apparent, did I grow skinner? Remember the zara shorts I bought?
What I didn’t mention was that the shorts were a little tight. I could see my muffin top.

A muffin top? Is that a new sort of food or something? Muffin tops grew more apparent in society with the popularly of low cut clothes. It is basically the bulge that spills out over your pants/skirt.

Quite a ripe muffin

any resemblance to this?

Anyway, I was sporting a huge muffin top when I tried that shorts on. But I told myself I will lose weight. Haha. I know alot of people say they will, but as they are saying so, their hands digs into the 35679445678987th packet of chips. “Oh ya I will lose weight,” in between munchs.

I use to be like that.

After 3 weeks of exercise, I am proud to say my muffin top is gone, and its a slim silhouette.

And you know the happy hormones you get when you exercise, I get alot of that now. So everybody please exercise. I know I will even when I lose to my desired weight. Keeping fit is more important.

On another totally unrelated topic, I went for a job interview. It turned out well but the job agency must now forward my resume to the company, and it depends on how the outcome will be like. It’s not a job I am particularly crazy about, but I think practically won the day when I need to get a job before the US recession hits us.

I watched cloverfield too. Liked the movie and the whole videocam (extreme nausea) thing. But my stomach didn’t quite agree even though the mind liked it.