don’t nag on a sat

If there is anyone capable of raising my blood pressure since I was back from China, I have to give props to my mother. Somehow not seeing me for the past 6 months have given her the insatiable need to unload those 6 months of supply of nagging onto me. Unfortunately, there was no insatiable demand for such nagging.

On a saturday afternoon, within 1 hour of talking to me, she managed to piss me off to new heights. That’s a reason why I do not need to exercise, to get my blood and blood pressure and heartbeat raising. First, she loves to always show me articles which she feels is important to me and which I have totally no regard for, cause I am reading my own papers (which means I don’t want to be disturbed). Today, pat mok saving 5 figures in 2 years was the topic, how she stopped buying branded and moved back to her parents’ home to save money,

Then she saw my laptop which was left marginally minutes ago, and started nagging about the electricity bills. Which was fine too since all old people nagged. But what pissed me off majorly was when she went to her room and shoved the electricity bill in my face when I was reading my papers. (I don’t like to be disturbed by nagging)

Just what the fuck is going on.

Naturally my temper skyrocketed to the top of my HDB ceiling, and I threw the papers back to the original place. I have lost any mood for the papers.

Anymore of such incidents, and I will be planning to move out. Not as a threat but a plea to my sanity. Working at Tuas or Jurong will be a good excuse to shift out.