so 2007 has just silently left, and we are ploughing 2008 with lotsa expectations. So now what? we just live another day.

Somehow work has zapped me of energy although the work’s slack. My aunt has been trying to bring me as a partner of a new company. It’s exciting. But do I really want to be my own boss? I will be working from home, and most probably running around Singapore and most probably working 24/7 a day. Will the profits be high enough to lure me from the attractive private sector?

So many questions, and so little answers.

Anyway I have discovered a theory. I was thinking of whether to get that pair of exclusive shorts from zara (Zara having sale), and whether I need somemore clothes, when i decide to get it.

The reason?

Investment in having a bf. You see, guys are visual and superficial creatures and you need to look good to grab their attention (it’s been proven at least for my case). SO that 30 dollars shorts (giving example) goes a long way.

You nab a bf.

The returns are astronomical.

LV Bag $1000 +++
Coach Bag $1000 +++
Expensive dinners $100+++ x N times
Countless movies $7++++ x N times
Taxi fares or petrol $ ++++++++++++++++++++ (petrol and cab fares very expensive now so got more + signs)

so just get that damn shorts or skirt or dress or top, since the returns are going to be way higher.

and that’s how i end up with the zara shorts.

Happy New Year everyone