peanut butter craze

You can take Singapore out of a Singaporean but you can’t take Singaporean out of a Singaporean.

Yes, I am back in hot singapore after wearing winter wear for the past 1-2 months. It feels great to be back, but i am missing my Shanghai life alot. I told my mom about working in Shanghai again and she was supportive, daddy wasn’t so supportive though.

I got alot of motivation to go back to Shanghai, lotsa friends there, and some guy 😛 (whom I suspect is gay, I really hate my gaydar). China guys are really much more gentlemanly to the girls, or maybe cause it is Shanghai and Shanghai girls set high standards for the males to fulfill. No house, no honey seems to be the culture after hearing from my boss and some guys. Usually when we hang out in a group (just a group of friends), the guys usually pay for the girls and send us to our doorsteps all the time even if it is more convenient to go to their house via cab first. And these guys are students mind you. It’s a pity I only knew these guys 1 month before i left Shanghai, but during this period of time, we played at arcade, have dinner and partied together (which I was drugged but that’s another story for another blog entry -_-).

So now I am back in Singapore, just slacking by surfing internet, playing with babies in my neighbour’s house, eating tons of peanut butter again, eating home cooked food, trying to reduce my spending cause I am freaking broke.

It’s great to be back, but it’s also great to be in Shanghai.

Ok, anyway there’s a bottle of peanut butter in the house, and I have gone back on my peanut butter craze. Read here and here, to know my love with peanut butter. I hate bananas, but here’s a dish which I have been eating for 2 days.

Banana with peanut butter love
1) banana
2) peanut butter

How to make it
1) Put a banana into the microwave. If you like the whole banana soggy and soft, cut the banana into half and microwave. If you like it slightly hard on the outside and soft on the inside, put the whole banana in. I tried it both ways, and both taste fabulous. Microwave it for 1 minute.
2) Put oodles of peanut butter on the side, and eat the peanut butter together with the soft banana. Taste great!!!

Being back to Singapore means responsibility. I have to re-active my Singapore line, unpack my 70 kgs worth of luggage which I didn’t get fined (another blog worthy story), finish up another case study for my boss, go for interviews, apply for jobs.

And alot of friends welcomed me back to Singapore. All of them are dying to meet me, or so I think. heh. It’s great to have friends pushing you to meet them in the first week or first few days that you are back. So far, I only met the uni gang cause Miss Pooh and sis are going to China for a grad trip, MY is going to vietnam for grad trip on the same day. So I hauled my ass back to the airport, barely 30 hours after I just returned from there.

And tadah, there’s no point in this whole entry. But I am back, and will be blogging a lot more consistently.