I am a maid

I have been working at my aunt’s maid agency for the past week. Although the work is mundane and doesn’t require much brain cells, I have been feeling tired everytime I am back. I don’t even have the urge to use my laptop. My working hours are 10 to 7pm but somehow, due to the time I am back which is 9pm, I will be a blob of tiredness.

Doesn’t help that I have tuition on my off-day. My aunt works 7 days a week which really amazes me since she has a child aged 5. I can’t work non-stop, and is already feeling tired and the exhaustion. The funny thing is that I have been working for the past 6 months, and have not felt this tired at all while working in China. My mom said its the weather.

And the food in Lucky Plaza is crazily prized. Coming back from China with cheap and affordable food where i work, I am stumped by the high prices of the damned food courts. 3.80 for a bowl of ban mian or fish soup noodles??? No way. 3.80 for yong tau hoo? No way. In the end, I settled eating dessert since it costs only 1.80 compared to the rest. Either i will bring food from work, or it will be apple pie or dessert for lunch. Good for my dieting plans. My friends who have met me have commented that I have lost weight. I think I have lost 7-9 kgs since 6 months ago.

And I am in a real clubbing mood. Time to hit the clubs every week though my dad won’t be too pleased.