Eat and lose weight

I ate fried mee goreng, murtabak yesterday, ate dumplings and wanton noodles since i am back, carrot cake and all the peanut butter. Best thing? My weight is going down. It was down by 1-1.5 kg since I am back which hasn’t even been a week.

Prior to going to Shanghai, i was on a gain weight plan which is really silly cause i am fat to begin with -_-. Ha, then i went to shanghai, eat good food, fast on some days and vahoom, I lost like 6-7 kgs. Shanghai is really a food paradise, and with food so cheap and accessible, it’s a miracle I lost so much weight.

From someone who can’t stand oil cause my stomach was allergic to them (I can feel the oil coming down when i eat sambal, fried chicken and then my stomach starts to churn), I started using chilli oil as my gravy. China’s food is really oily and after 6 months there, I was like oily meh while proceeding to slurp up the hot oil. It doesn’t help that during winter and autumn time, my favourite food was ma la soup, which is essentially like yong tau hoo except that you add chilli, and hot oil and vinegar (which I don’ cause I hate it), garlic and so into the soup. And usually I skip the hot oil cause it’s ma and I don’t like my tongue numb. But the chilli which they add is usually full of oil, so imagine 1 huge tablespoon of chilli inside the soup, the whole soup starts turning red and oily. But oh so yummy.

Maybe this oil training in China is good. Singapore’s oily food is considered secondary, and i can eat all the fatty food without gaining weight.

On the interview I had yesterday, let’s just say that the organization did not state what they mean by positions in the advisory department. In the end, i wanted M&A and all the consulting positions which wasn’t open to fresh grads. Only IT audit was recruiting under advisory which stumped me cause when I was reading through the website yesterday, it did not say anything about IT audit. So happily my interview was cut short, and I will be going back to interview for Audit on another day. Wasted my time reading on all the current affairs news -_-. Spate of bad luck for me, I hope my luck changes.